04/13/2020 —

FOX45 News video featuring an interview with Peter Mackrell, MD on how to prevent DVT’s during this pandemic. Increased risk….please take his advice!

04/10/2020 —

A sincere “Thank You” to all patients who’ve showered us with an abundance of special treats during this time. We are happy to be here and will continue doing our best to provide services for your healthcare needs.

04/06/2020 —

THANK YOU to whomever is making these masks! Every day I’m amazed by the courage, generosity and empathy I encounter in these scary times. Many unsung heroes making care happen in our offices and in the hospitals.

Gratitude !!!

Carter Freiburg, MD

04/03/2020 —

VSA’s continued group efforts in preventing the risk of infection while remaining open to treat those needing vascular attention. We are here to help!

03/27/2020 —


Dear Colleagues and Patients,


Vascular Surgery Associates hopes this letter finds you safe and healthy. We would like to assure you that our offices remain open. Our surgeons, midlevel providers, vascular labs, and staff are available and ready to serve your patients with vascular needs. We are offering office hours with appointments spaced appropriately to minimize patient interaction in the waiting room and potential exposure. VSA accredited vascular labs remain open especially for urgent studies to rule out deep vein thrombosis so that patients can avoid the emergency departments. We continue to perform urgent surgeries for port placement for chemotherapy, dialysis access, carotid stenosis, aneurysm repairs, and lower extremity revascularization both at our outpatient surgical centers and the hospitals we serve. Please call 1-855-648-9982 if VSA can be of assistance! Thank you!


Vascular Surgery Associates